Vej- og motorvejs­udformning

Vej- og motorvejs­udformning

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Verkís provides a wide range of services and consultancy for transportation infrastructure projects, including the planning and design of roads, footpaths, bridges, and underpasses. 

Verkís has decades of experience in the design of roads and intersections, including work for municipalities both in Reykjavík and outside the capital city area. Projects have varied greatly in size, ranging from single road intersections to entire street networks, as well as storm sewers and other drainage systems.

In designing transportation systems, it is essential to place equal emphasis on safety and convenience for all means of transportation, including motor vehicle traffic. Verkís has extensive experience in designing lanes, paths, and crossings for pedestrians, cyclists, and horsemen. The planning of street lighting is also an essential element in the design of new road construction, and it plays an equally important role when older street lighting is improved. Traffic signal systems are a mandatory means of directing traffic flow, and the careful placement of such installations is essential in order to minimise the risk of accident. The purposeful use of traffic signals can also promote better traffic culture.

Since 2010, Verkís has designed numerous streets, roads, pedestrian and cycle paths, and related systems in Norway, primarily for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen), and also for municipalities.


  • Road, street, transportation structures design
  • Pedestrian, cycle, and riding paths
  • Traffic signals and street lighting
  • Mitigation measures to reduce noise or speed
  • Operation, maintenance, and construction supervision
  • Tender documents and cost estimates
  • Service descriptions and maintenance schedules